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Tuning forks

At Distance Treatments

What are they and how do they work with the Weiss Method? Should I have a remote or in person treatment with Weiss Method?  We get this question quite a lot, especially in the days of COVID.  And honestly, since the pandemic began, most people have preferred at distant treatments.  As a practitioner, I have…

Meet Kevin O’Grady – a Weiss method client from Portland, Maine and read about his success story recently published in Journey Magazine

Kevin came to the Weiss Method whilst he was undergoing treatment for cancer and successfully quit alcohol after many years and many tries. He found the method worked so well, he came back to successfully quit smoking. Click here to read his full story, recently published in Journey Magazine, by Niki Curtis.

Success Stories

What Our Clients Say About The Weiss Method.Taking control of my life from alcohol I came to the Weiss Method when alcohol had taken complete control of my life and was running it straight into the ground. The astounding thing about the treatment is that the addiction became a thing of the past instantly. However,…