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Have you heard about having a ‘gray area drinking problem’?

If the last word of that phrase jumped out at you – problem – you may want to consider having a closer look at your drinking habits. If you think it’s ok to have a night out where you wake up in a strange place and can’t remember how you got there or lost items you would normally never let out of your sight (phone, keys, wallet) to name a few oddities that may have accompanied your night out, if you think it’s ok because you’ve always had fun this way and it must be ok because your friends and colleagues are all doing it too… it may be time to have a serious look at your drinking habits as the habit may be closer to full blown alcoholism.

Gulp! “No, that’s not me” you might say, “I have it all under control, I just need to blow off some stress!” You can destress far more effectively without the alcohol. The effects of overindulging in alcohol are well documented and producing less stress is not one of them.

Being sober is a choice that more and more people are making because they find the results incredibly rewarding and also being sober has a much more positive impact on their family and career. These days there is a lot less stigma associated with quitting alcohol and there are a lot of great choices of ‘mocktails’ available to enjoy at social events.

Weiss Method can help you break the habit. Reach out to set up a free phone consultation today.

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