Success Stories

What Our Clients Say About The Weiss Method.

“I quit smoking April 1, 2006 with the help of Weiss Method and have never felt an urge to pick up a cigarette since. It’s an amazing transformation. I’d be close to my deathbed if I still smoked. It’s amazing work that you do!”
Colette, Ridgefield, CT

“I had a serious lifelong sugar addiction and was eating way too many sweets in the course of a day. Now after two years, I can say that I am really grateful to for being freed from my daily cookie and mocha habit. I feel so much healthier and more in control of my cravings."
Tatiana M., Queens, NY

“This treatment really helped me to become smoke-free. I left with a completely different feeling – almost as if I had never smoked before. Smoking just seemed foreign to me.”
Josh, Brooklyn, NY

“Four weeks without sugar...after 50 years I did it! Four weeks without sugar. For the first time, after about 50 years. Much obliged!”
S.L., Munich, Germany

“After countless years and failed alternative treatments, I found the WEISS Method to help me quit simple sugars. I don't know how, but the treatment worked great from the first moment! The WEISS Method gave me the motivation I didn't know I had to make conscious decisions to cut out my sugar addiction. It has been 10 weeks since my first WEISS treatment, and I feel great! I am down 12 pounds, have a clear head, and am in control of my life again! ”
C.M., South Portland, Maine

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