Slide You would do anything for your family And they deserve your very best self! Live free! Living healthy is easy with Weiss Method. Live smoke-free, alcohol free, sugar-free, and free of extra weight. We support you the whole way! Slide 30 years of success Weiss Method helps you easily and effectively end annoying habits.

What We Treat

smoking cessation

We know—quitting smoking is hard. But with only one treatment, we will interrupt the addictive cycle and calm down the urge for a cigarette.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. The impulse that drives nicotine dependency can be mitigated so successfully in a single Weiss session that some people experience complete indifference to cigarettes and tobacco products of all kinds.

Our smoking cessation method is painless and comes without medication, hypnosis, or needles. The majority of our clients experience the treatment as very pleasant and relaxing.

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alcohol free

With only four treatments, Weiss can free you from you from the want and need to drink alcohol. Weiss works because it stifles the urge to reach for alcohol, no matter what the “trigger” points are.

With Weiss Method, quitting alcohol is painless and achieved without medication, hypnosis, or needles. The repetitive addictive cycle is brought to a halt, allowing the recipient new found freedom and possibility.

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weight management

So much of the food that is readily available to us isn't very healthy. It's with carbohydrates and sugar and often provides an immediate sense of “being full,” promptly followed by hunger pangs. The less aware we are of our eating habits, the faster unchecked indulgences can take over. Food cravings are often the result of this unconscious eating behavior.

Weiss Method helps you to change these uncontrolled habits, replacing them with new, positive habits and giving you a fresh start. Our clients gain quality of life, self-esteem, increased health, and the freedom to decide exactly how they want to live their lives.

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Become Sugar-free

With just one treatment, Weiss Method can help you with the constant urge to eat foods containing refined, white, industrial sugar. This highly processed ingredient is added to many items we buy in the supermarket. Plus, sugar is often hidden in foods under other names, such as corn syrup and over 50 others.

Weiss Method calms the stimulus that keeps the sugar addiction going. The desire for the next sweet, the next chocolate, or the next piece of cake disappears as a matter of course. In fact, many people experience complete indifference to food containing refined and industrial sugar after just one treatment.

Our sugar cessation treatment is painless and involves no medication, hypnosis, or needles. Clients sit comfortably in a chair and enjoy a pleasant, relaxing, and revitalizing bio-energetic treatment.

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Compulsive behaviors

If you would like to get rid of annoying habits or behaviors in a completely natural way, we can help. As well as ending addiction to refined sugar, nicotine, alcohol, and food, Weiss Method also works very well for the following: caffeine dependency, drug dependency, insomnia, test anxiety and stage fright, stress management, gambling addiction, fingernail chewing and biting (onychophagy), hair pulling (trichotillomania), and other compulsive behaviors.

compulsive behaviors
substance dependency

Substance dependency

In a series of three sessions, the stimulus that drives drug addiction is calmed so effectively that many people experience total indifference to the drug after the treatment.

Sessions are completely anonymous and one-on-one. The treatment breaks the addiction cycle without medication, hypnosis, or needles.

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