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At Distance Treatments

What are they and how do they work with the Weiss Method?

Should I have a remote or in person treatment with Weiss Method?  We get this question quite a lot, especially in the days of COVID.  And honestly, since the pandemic began, most people have preferred at distant treatments.  As a practitioner, I have found that not only are they highly effective, but because of the distance, both client and practitioner are much more comfortable in their respective ecologies.

There have been scientific studies done to prove that something does happen when a practitioner and client are working together remotely, but simply put, we explain it in the following way:  It works via the ‘Tuning Fork Principle’.  When you have two tuning forks on the same frequency and you ring one, the other one vibrates because of the frequency resonance.  In physics this is called forced vibration.

Using a picture of the client in a specific posture, and the client on the other end of an open phone line, the Weiss Method treatment works the same way.  The picture of the client and the client are like the two tunings forks on the same frequency and the energy easily finds the person and does what it needs to do.  The proof that the method works is that clients have successfully mitigated their unwanted habits and addictions at the same rate as if they were in the treatment room with the practitioner.  Depending on the type of treatment, the success rate ranges around eighty five percent.

Here’s to saving a lot wear and tear that traveling causes along with the capability to treat clients all over the world!