Slide You would do anything for your family And they deserve your very best self! Live free! Living healthy is easy with Weiss Method. Live smoke-free, alcohol free, sugar-free, and free of extra weight. We support you the whole way! Slide 30 years of success Weiss Method helps you easily and effectively end annoying habits.

Portland, ME

Natural Addiction Treatments in Portland, Maine

The Weiss Method USA office located in Portland Maine treats unwanted habits effectively and efficiently.  It works without hypnosis, acupuncture, medications and is absolutely painless.  The Weiss Method in Portland, Maine calms down the stimulus of the addiction by treating the root cause to help you win back the life you always wanted.  Weiss Method USA in Portland has a very high success rate and we give you a guarantee for one year. This means you can strengthen the treatment for free if necessary.

Weiss Method USA in Portland, Maine offers effective smoking cessation without hypnosis or medication. Most people find the treatment relaxing and pleasant and without side effects. The method is also effective in treating alcohol dependency.  The impulse which causes you to reach for alcohol again and again is relieved considerably by breaking the cycle at the root cause.

Since sugar has a similar effect on the brain as hard drugs, many also add sugar cravings to the long list of addictions. Weiss Method treats the refined sugar habit with just one session to help you lead the self determined life that you really crave. Many people who suffer from this uncontrolled behavior also have other unhealthy eating habits. Weiss Method clients who quit sugar and gluten successfully stop the insatiable cravings for more and more food. Healthy weight management is only possible if the food cravings are interrupted at the source, resulting in you managing a natural weight loss.

All Weiss Method treatments come with free telephone support and two strengthening treatments that can be used within a one year period if needed - all included in your package.

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