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Weight Management is not all about negative net calories, take a few deep breaths and make time for de-stressing!

There are many factors affecting your weight that get lost in the conversation because we think ‘if you reduce caloric intake, you will lose weight’. Arguably one of the most important aspects of maintaining good overall health is the reduction of stress in our lives. It is no secret that the everyday bombardment of stressful scenarios has become normalized to our way of living.

What does stress have to do with weight management? Everything is the short answer. Cortisol is referred to as the ‘stress hormone’ for good reason. This naturally occurring hormone is normally released when we need to be active. When too much cortisol is released on a constant basis in response to our stressful lives, it causes many other internal systems to be negatively affected including the ability to manage our weight. It is no wonder that obesity is skyrocketing in our country. Click here to request a free, no obligation consultation to see if Weiss Method is a good fit for you.

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