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Carbs get a bad rap!

Avocado DishMost people know that if you start your day with a sweet pastry, you are going to be hungry by mid-morning.  However, if you eat a mashed-up avocado with some chopped carrots, cucumber and spices, you can usually make it until lunchtime.

In the sweet pastry, the good stuff has been processed out and many unhealthy bits have been added creating a sweet tasty treat full of refined sugar and carbs in their simplest forms.  This combination causes a blood sugar spike and as most people know, the crash comes soon thereafter.  Then you want more, so you reach for another easy fix, because the brain loves the sweet stuff - and the cycle continues.

The avocado mix will last you until lunch because it is full of fiber, good fats, slow carbs and other micro-nutrients which are very satiating and they take their time to break down in digestion.  Not only does this healthy combination leave you feeling fuller longer, it also is nourishing to give you good sustained energy to go about your day with.

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Avocado Mashup

1 Avocado

¼ cup finely chopped carrot

¼ cup finely chopped cucumber

½ teaspoon Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute

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