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Weight Management

Helping You to Manage Your Weight in Portland, ME

Are you tired of struggling with your weight? Weiss Method is the solution you’ve been searching for!

Food addiction is almost always a symptom of underlying imbalances in our lives. These imbalances form the foundation of the dependency cycle — a physically and emotionally driven circle that takes control of our intentions, our willpower, and eventually, our health.

Even though we are aware we are overeating (often as a way to emotionally feed feelings of inadequacy), we can’t stop. The cycle has us in its grasp.

  1. We feel the urge to reach for food (consciously or not).
  2. Juice drinkWe eat foods that satisfy our immediate need.
  3. We regret the decision. Our feelings of shame and guilt after the fact often lead us back to step one.

The only path to success is to break the cycle of dependency

Diets and other stopgap methods are only temporary solutions because they only deal with the symptoms of compulsive eating. The one way to achieve long-term, life changing success is to break the dependency cycle.

What makes Weiss Method different

Weiss Method’s individualized technique for weight management addresses the roots of the issue, including the triggers that cause overeating.

When you experience a Weiss Method session at our Portland, Maine office, you’ll find your unwanted habits neutralized, leaving room for you to replace them with new, beneficial ones.

Not only will a Weiss Method practitioner help you eliminate your unwanted cravings, they’ll also provide ongoing support after your treatment. Our goal for you is a happy and healthy life spent enjoying your food, not fighting your compulsions!


The reasons for addictive behavior, including reaching for unhealthy foods, are as unique as the person who experiences them. A Weiss Method practitioner works with you, rather than rooms full of clients. Because your treatment is designed specifically to get to the root causes of your one-of-a-kind food addiction, the chances of success are much higher than in most other treatment programs.


Weiss sessions are 100% confidential, so our clients feel free to discuss personal matters, including the triggers that initiate compulsive eating. This nearly always results in better and faster results.


You won’t believe how quickly you can leave unwanted dependencies and habits behind and start living the life you’ve dreamed of, with no compulsion to overeat. Although the weight management package includes three separate treatments, the first session starts your freedom from the constant urge to reach for foods that are high in salt, fat, and sugar.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a compulsive snacker. With all kinds of support I tried to stop, but unfortunately to no avail. I hoped that the Weiss Method treatment might help. After a brief treatment, I feel totally different. To this day I can't believe there is such an easy way to overcome it, but the results speak for themselves!” — Sandra J.


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