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What are Addictions and Dependencies Replacing?

Everyone wants to be free, feel useful, have better relationships, do meaningful work, be happy and feel closer to their life again.  It is obvious that addictions and dependencies stand in the way of these successes, but what are the root causes that these dependencies are replacing? 

What’s at the core of this constant search for a high, a relief, a respite from the stresses of everyday life?  These dependencies occupy much of our lives, our minds, our time and saps the very life force we are wanting more of.  What are we really searching for?

People often feel misplaced in their current life or feel that something is wrong with them.  The contact with their innermost drive has substantially shrunk or in some, come to a complete standstill.  The Weiss Method not only helps you interrupt the dependency but can also help you to find your next steps to live the purposeful life you deserve.  Click here to request a free, no obligation consultation to see if Weiss Method is a good fit for you.

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