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Alcohol Dependency

Go Alcohol Free in Edmonds, WA

Glass of waterAre you ready to stop drinking? Then Weiss Method is what you’ve been looking for!
Being addicted to alcohol is usually a symptom of physical and emotional imbalances in our lives. These imbalances can drive a dependency cycle that takes control of our willpower, intentions, and our health.

We’re usually aware we are reaching for that first drink – often to feed feelings of inadequacy, but we can’t stop. Instead our cycle of dependency has control over us.

  • We have the urge to drink alcohol – consciously or not.
  • We take one or more drinks to satisfy our immediate needs.
  • Afterwards, we feel shame and guilt, which often leads us back to drinking.

Breaking the cycle of dependency

Trying to quit drinking by “white knuckling it” and other methods doesn’t usually work since you’re dealing with the symptoms of alcohol dependency. Instead, you need to break the dependency cycle once and for all to achieve long-term and life changing success.


A Weiss Method Practitioner works with you individually, and not in a group, since the reasons for your unhealthy relationship with alcohol are as unique as you are. These uniquely designed treatments have a higher success rate than the ‘one size fits all’ programs.

What makes Weiss Method different

The Weiss Method helps put an end to your urge to drink and the triggers that set off your craving. With our personalized approach, you will be able to quit drinking by addressing the roots of those ingrained imbalances.

Visit our Edmonds, Washington office and we’ll help you end unwanted habits and replace them with new and healthier habits.


Weiss Method sessions at our Edmonds, Washington office are 100% confidential. The private, relaxed setting puts you at ease, even when discussing the triggers behind your urge to drink alcohol.


You won’t believe how quickly you can leave unhealthy habits behind and live the life you’ve always wanted – free from the urge to drink alcohol.

“I still can't believe that I have become a non-drinker in such an easy way. My life has changed a lot, and I want to thank you from my heart. My Weiss treatment was relaxing and simple. I am so grateful I can hardly put it into words.” — Angela W.

Are you ready to give up drinking – once and for all?

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We’ll reach out to set up your first Weiss Method treatment.