New York, NY

Natural Addiction Treatments in New York, New York

Weiss Method USA is pleased to announce its new location in New York City for the cessation of unwanted habits and harmful addictions, including Smoking, Drinking, Sugar, Overeating, Nail -biting and other behaviors destructive to a person's confidence, well-being, and ability to heal.

The Weiss Method has a proven track record of success for over thirty years in Europe and is now available here. It is a gentle and painless technique that works in accordance with the principles of the electro-magnetic system of the human body to break unhealthy or unwanted patterns. Free yourself from repetitive cycles and regain control of your life.

This is not hypnosis! The Weiss Method practitioner uses very precise targeting - through an advanced understanding of the human body and how it processes energy - to bring a person back into a state of wholeness, while minimizing symptoms of withdrawal and the urges that can cause a relapse.

Our New York City office:

Weiss Method USA
168 W 86th Street,
New York, NY 10024

Tel: 1-800-913-0094

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Weiss Method New York is open by appointment

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